We provide complete translation services in all European languages and some Asian tongues, between them and Slovak and between each other. With the help of our extensive, world-wide database of translators, we provide professional translations of manuals, handbooks, technical documentation, standards, contracts and correspondence in various fields (technology, finance, construction, law), with an emphasis on translation quality and in accordance with the European EN 15038:2006 standard. We utilise translation tools and internally-developed order management software in our work, enabling us to process even the largest volumes in a short time, to deliver terminologically-homogeneous translations for long-term projects and to respond quickly to quotation requests and specific translation requirements from our clients...

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At the client’s request we provide consecutive and simultaneous translation for business meetings, conferences, trainings, diplomatic meetings and presentations. We only employ translators who meet the most stringent requirements for professionalism, quality, expertise and experience in the subject field...

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ABANICO by the numbers

2004 - Company founded
8,000,000 words translated in the course of the first three years of the PCA (Peugeot Citroën Automobiles) Trnava project
15,000 hours of interpreting annually as part of a long-term project
1,800 translation and interpreting suppliers
ISO 9001 certification